Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

11 Things no one ever told you about managing your poker bankroll!

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managing your poker bankroll

Poker is not just about having a particular skill set but it’s also about managing your money and playing with judi deposit pulsa 10000 wisely.

What is Bankroll Management?

Bankroll management is about using your money wisely and having money in your poker account in spite of having a few bad games. It is a very crucial aspect of playing the game. The person who learns this well, aces the game.

Are you Interested in playing poker but scared of losing all your hard earned money? Do not worry, we have got you covered.

 Here is the beginners guide in managing their poker bankroll.     .

  1. Be Prudent

Although all poker games demand you to spend money, some of them demand lesser money than the others .Beginners should indulge in those games with lesser peaks and valleys while professional players can try their hands at the variable ones.

  1. Non ambiguity is the key:

Do what’s best for you. Play games you are well versed at.

  1. Fixed limit poker should be your best friend

Fixed limit poker has an upper limit to betting which prevents you from betting higher and losing more money which is not the case in no limit poker.

  1. Keep your friends close but your opponents closer!

Yes you heard it right. Knowing your opponent will give you an idea of how much chance you got of losing your money because it’s difficult to overpower the experienced ones.

  1. Know your opponents next move

If you are playing against those players who are known for taking big risks you should be cautioned as they would bring a lot of variety in the game and hence a bigger risk of losing your money.

  1. Do not lose track of reality

If poker is played from your source of bread and butter you should take lesser risks because not only would you have to invest in the game but also have to keep aside a share as saving

play sober


  1.  Always have a Plan B

While spending in poker you should always have a resource of money to bank on. If you ever bust your poker account you should be in a shape to support your daily expenses.

  1. Play sober

Being intoxicated increases your chances of spending hastily.

     9.Never let your emotions over power you

Although poker may be intimidating sometimes always keep in mind that it’s a game and make sure you don’t disburse all your money on it.

     10.Receive without pride. Let go without attachment.

If your funds drop down below your bankroll you also should drop down with your stakes.

  1. Never let you ego take over your cognizance

People consider dropping their stakes as something that hurts their ego. Dropping your stakes not only helps you save money but also helps you rebuild your bankroll.