Tue. May 11th, 2021

Online Slot Machine History and How They Grew

2 min read

Slot machines are considered to be a staple in every casino. You can find a bunch of them lined up and some casinos even put them front and centre for everyone to see. These machines, however, were not as popular as before when compared to the traditional casino card games. This did not stop their growth as more and more individuals were drawn to these machines because of their unique design. Let us take a closer look at the history of slot machines and their evolution.

Humble Beginnings

As mentioned earlier, slot machines back then were simple and not extravagant. Their first iteration was introduced in the early 19th century having the standard 3-reel design with only a few symbols. Furthermore, the early versions of slot machines only offered a single pay line which makes it harder for players to win the jackpot. Unlike the ones that you can see in the present such as 918kiss which has multiple pay lines including horizontal, vertical, zig-zag, or diagonal patterns.

1963 was a monumental year for slot machines as this is when the first electromagnetic video slot was shown to the public. Instead of mechanical reels, the slot machines use a graphical theme on the screen. This in turn has made it possible for game developers to add more symbols, pay lines, and reels into the mix while at the same time, also have more control over the payouts.

Growth and Innovation

The electromagnetic video slot has helped paved the way in helping make slot machines more mainstream to the public. The innovation did not stop there especially with the evolution of computers as well as the internet. Websites such as ibet666 have set up and integrated a virtual casino which their players can access at any given time of the day. Online slots were added right away making them one of the more sought-after casino games that are endeared by many.

Aside from personal computers, online slots in the present have also become more accessible than ever before with the help of the mobile industry. Most mobile devices today will be able to play these types of games with relative ease bringing the video slot experience right at our fingertips. Furthermore, online casinos also provide greater benefits and perks when compared to their land-based counterparts especially with the huge amount of convenience that they provide. Download an online casino app on your phones and start playing online slots today!