Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

The heads up game in online poker pointers

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The most important thing in a one-on-one game is to quickly discover what kind of opponent you are dealing with. Therefore, the first stage of the game should be the collection of information. This means that you can call with a draw in your hand after the river, just to see what you are playing with.

Discover what other player has

Each player follows a certain pattern, of course, in real life it is much easier to discover what the other player has because there are many more clues. With online poker, poker stories become less obvious, which of course means that they also become much more important.

I will tell you some of the simplest examples of online poker that apply to all poker players. First, this is the size of the bet. This is the most important feature of Gaple Online in online poker. People think they have a completely different way of putting their hands before or after the flop, but they are cheating themselves. Only the best can consciously change their playing style so much that they make you think.

Gaple Online

I advise you to spend time playing face-to-face with a guy and simply keep abreast of the size of your bet. After a while, it is clear what kind of hand he raises before the flop and how many chips. Most people raise large blinds three times with any playable hand, but sometimes four large blinds rise. Why are they doing this? What happened Now they usually have a hand that is not as playable as, for example, AK or AQ or QQ. The decision to collect a little more chips than usual is taken unconsciously for most people.

The same applies to the game after the flop. Watch how your opponent plays with his hands after the flop. Some people will play good hands slowly, others on the other side will make big bets. The more you play with an opponent, the easier it will be to determine exactly which hand you are playing with.

How to give chance?

If you play with an aggressive player, just give him the chance to put your hand on the winner, don’t scare him with big bets. If you play with a call station that likes to match each bet with the second-best pair and you don’t appreciate a kicker, keep betting, but look how much you want to call, don’t scare it. If you are playing against a passive player, just bet. If you have nothing, you will retire, if you have something, you will call or raise. Just don’t get too aggressive, because if you decide to play your hand, it will probably be good.

More importantly, heads-up games will increase your poker reading skills, which will lead to fewer problems with games with a large number of people.

Hand-to-hand poker depends much less on luck, because, to win hand-to-hand poker, you must gather information about the player and use it against him. Of course, there will be times when unfortunate river cards arise, but the more good decisions you make, the more you will win.


If you do not have confidence in a one-on-one game, I would advise you to sit down and go one by one. At least with them, you know exactly how much money to invest in a game, but on the other hand, you will have less time to study the game of your opponents, because the blinds are growing and the amount of chips is limited. But I would still suggest trying.