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The only form of legal gambling in Thailand is the National Lottery which began in 1974. Drawings are every first and sixteenth day of the month.

Buying tickets

Lottery tickets in Thailand are pre-printed. You can find lottery vendors roaming the markets, streets, and villages everywhere. If you are not lucky enough to meet any of them, you can go outside big shops such as Big C and Tesco. Each ticket has an official cost of 40 baht, but you cannot buy a single ticket only. Tickets come in identical packs of two. You will pay 80 baht for two tickets that are an exact match of each other. Some sellers charge a markup but you can negotiate. Street vendors usually sell at 120-130 baht for a pack of two identical tickets. The common price for tickets sold at stands outside major shops is a hundred baht. It is usual to see vendors selling tickets for different prices. Those with unpopular numbers cost about eighty-five to ninety-five baht. Tickets that contain lucky Buddhist number combinations are more expensive.

Thai lottery results

Those with lottery tickets wait for a particular television show for the results. You get to see the winning lottery numbers aired towards the end of the show. That is before 4PM, every first and sixteenth of the month. You can also visit the official website if you can read Thai.

Claiming of prizes

Winners can only redeem their prize at designated CGD places. There is a Provincial Office of the Comptroller General’s Department in every province. There is a tax of 0.5% for every winnings. Winners can also redeem at shops, but there is around a 2% fee. Of course, you can negotiate.

Thai belief

Thai people love the lottery. The folk beliefs and Chinese religions in the rural areas integrated with Buddhism. It is common to hear about ideas of spirits, ghosts, and dreams predicting winning numbers. If you visit a Thai temple, you will see a tube containing bamboo sticks with a number each. Visitors shake the tube until one falls out. The number on the bamboo stick has a corresponding lottery poetry on the wall. There are lucky numbers for playing the lottery, too.

The ethnic-Loa people have an annual merit-making ceremony called Prapheni Bun Bang Fai. It involves large black-powder rockets. People watch the smoke and try to see lottery numbers appear in the trails.

Some people do not have enough time to go buy their tickets. What they do is play Huay หวย instead. There are several online lotteries available in Thailand. It is also easy to สมัครหวยออนไลน์ even for beginners.