Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

Poker Club Is Preferred For Betting

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Poker Club is the process of putting one’s money at stake in the hope to earn a higher return. The gambler takes the entire risk even though the end result is extremely unpredictable. The concept of Online Poker Club came into existence with the increased popularity of the internet. It is the process of betting money through online media.

Poker Club Is Preferred For Betting

The popular modes of online Poker Club are:

  1. Virtual Pokers: These are online card games.
  2. Virtual Casinos: It is the process of playing casino games using the internet.
  • Virtual Sports Betting: It is the process of putting the money on a particular team of any ongoing sports activity by predicting the result through the internet.
  1. Online Lotteries.
  2. Virtual Horse Race Wagering.

Online Poker Club has been legalized in many countries over the world, like

  1. Australia: Online Poker Club is legal in Australia. However, the Government of Australia has passed the Interactive Poker Club Act,2001 to protect the citizens of the country against the negative consequences of online Poker Club.
  2. Canada:Canadian Government do not disallow the process of Online Poker Club in the country but the entities and websites which are the set up for the purpose of facilitating online Poker Club do require to obtain a license from the Government to establish themselves.
  • France: France Government has its own laws and regulations to control the process and outcomes of online Poker Club. Though there are some prohibitions in some types of online Poker Club, it is not completely illegal in the country.

Apart from these, online Poker Club has been legal in some provinces of the United States, many Caribbean countries like Costa Rica, Honduras;South Africa, New Zealand with some kind of restrictions. Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore permits online Poker Club to a certain extent.

Online Poker Club In India: Legal or Illegal?

The Government of India has not legalized online Poker Club in India. However, no law has been enacted to prohibit the same. Only for horse race wagering and virtual lotteries, there are some prohibitions imposed. However, online Poker Club exists unofficially in India, the most common example is cricket betting in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Apart from other states, Sikkim and Goa do not ban online Poker Club. In fact, Sikkim has been the first to permit the process of online Poker Club in 2014 by providing a license to online Poker Club operating sites, Adda52, KheloPoker and Rummy Sites.

The reason behind legalizing Goa and Sikkim may be earning through tax. They can easily track the winners and charge tax based on the prize money.

Any types of Poker Club have been long established in India. It is commonly seen in festive seasons like Durga Puja and Diwali. Some states restrict any kind of Poker Club activities, be it online Poker Club, very strictly while other states are merciful towards it.